About the Artist

The mystical and mysterious paintings of  Vesna Vera are indescribable, yet rich in deep meaning and symbolism. Looking into one of these paintings is like turning the key that opens a door into a spiritual world . arteveve@gmail.com

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Vesna Vera
Miami Beach, Florida


1991-93 University of Miami, Master Degree Fine Arts (MFA)

1990-91 Florida International University, Education Certificate

1982-83 Queens College New York City, Art Program- Residency

1981-82 Florence, Italy, Art Program Residency

1981-84 Indiana University, Bachelors Degree Fine Arts (BFA)

Awards, Publications, Interviews:

Reviews by publications, such as the Miami Herald, US Latin Trade, Los Seis Continentes ( Inter-Continental Hotel Publication), El Diario de Caracas, El Universal ( Largest daily newspaper in Venezuela). Artist Guest appearance and review by TV show Casa y Estilo, International Gems, The Cristina talk show., Univision Network USA, Close-up ( talk show in Venezuela). Honored in 1988 as “Distinguished Artist” by the major of the city of Miami, Xavier Suarez.


2003 Marcel Gallery, Miami Beach, Florida

2002 First Union Bank Miami, Florida

2002 Vera-Yamamoto Art Gallery, Miami Beach, Florida

2002 Kennedy Gallery, Miami Beach, Florida

2001 Kennedy Gallery, Miami Beach, Florida

2001 One Brickell square, Solo Exhibit, Miami, Florida

2001 Sori Fine Arts, Miami, Florida

2001 Kitzen Gallery, Miami , Florida

2000 1221 Brickell, Art Gallery, Solo Exhibit. Miami, Florida

1999 Goldstrom Gallery, Soho New York, New York

1999 Art Center South Florida Miami Beach, Florida

1998 Goldstrom Gallery, Soho New York City, New York

1998 One Brickell Square, Solo Exhibit, Miami, FL

1997 South Florida Art Center, Miami Beach, Florida

1997 Lopez-Negro International, Dania, Florida

1995 Freites Revila Art Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida

1995 Weiss-Sori Fine Art, Miami, Florida

1995 Arafi-Art Riviera international art Fair, Florida

1994 Miami Art Exhibition, Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami, Florida

1993 Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami, Florida

1990 Sokolsky Fine Arts, Miami, Florida

1988 Gellert Fine Arts, Miami, Florida

1988 Club 41, Miami, Florida

1988 Fundaction Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho Art Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela
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