About the Artist

The mystical and mysterious paintings of  Vesna Vera are indescribable, yet rich in deep meaning and symbolism. Looking into one of these paintings is like turning the key that opens a door into a spiritual world . arteveve@gmail.com

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The mystical and enigmatic paintings of Vesna Vera are rich in meaning and symbolism, inviting the viewer to a world of mystery, to be enjoyed in a trance like state, in which we are in the presence of the eternal.

Spirituality, ancient mysticism and sacred geometry are the basis of her paintings.  The images are unencumbered by distractions; they flow with classical design and easiness.  Underneath lay the mystery of metaphysical universal laws and geometric sacred proportions.  Her work is layered with the knowledge of Hermetic Philosophy, Cabalistic Symbolism, Pythagoras Philosophy, Fibonacci Proportions, as well as ancient Greek and Egyptian thinking.  The paintings are filled with the secret of the Human Spirit and grab the viewer gently. 

Vera lures the viewer to experience a sense of atonement, a sense of the sacred, a sense of lightness, and a contact with the world of spirituality.  Her paintings take us into a space were we feel elated.  The burning incense, Vera’s signature visual element, is the symbol of the liaison between the physical and the spiritual worlds which reside in the same space however they lay in different dimensions. The moment and the action of the burning creates a sacred space. A special space. A moment in time to transcend the mundane.



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